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fastformat/iterators/format_iterator.hpp File Reference

Detailed Description

[C++ only] Definition of the fastformat::format_iterator output iterator

#include <fastformat/fastformat.hpp>
#include <fastformat/internal/stlsoft.h>
#include <fastformat/quality/contract.h>
#include <stlsoft/shims/access/string.hpp>
#include <stlsoft/util/std/iterator_helper.hpp>

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namespace  fastformat
namespace  fastformat::iterators


class  format_output_iterator
 This class template defines an output iterator that writes to a given sink using fastformat::fmt(). More...
class  format_output_iterator::deref_proxy
 Dereference Proxy for fastformat::iterators::format_output_iterator


template<typename S, typename F, typename A1, typename A2, typename A3, typename A4, typename A5, typename A6, typename A7, typename A8>
format_output_iterator< S, F,
A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8 > 
format_iterator (S &sink, F const &format,...)
 Creator function for the fastformat::iterators::format_output_iterator output iterator class template.

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