FastFormat - Errata - Overload - An Introduction to FastFormat, part 1 - Table 4

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Ultimate robustness!

Unlimited flexibility!

Unbeatable performance!

  • 5 - 17 times faster than Boost.Format
  • 1.5 - 5.5 times faster than Loki.SafeFormat
There are two serious, and several trivial, typos in Table 4. Below is a correct version, with the formerly erroneous aspects highlighted in red.

Table 4

  Streams IOStreams Boost.Format Loki.SafeFormat FastFormat.Write FastFormat.Format
Robustness (type-safety) very low medium medium medium 100% 100%
Robustness (format) very low n/a high low n/a high
Robustness (atomicity) yes no no no yes yes
Flexibility (sink) medium high high high high high
Flexibility (format) low n/a medium medium n/a high
Flexibility (arguments) low high high low very high very high
Redefines operator semantics no yes yes no no no
Expressiveness (types) Built-in types: high
UDTs: n/a
high high Built-in types: high
UDTs: n/a
high high
Expressiveness (width/alignment) medium low very high medium n/a high
Expressiveness (special formatting) Built-in types: high
UDTs: n/a
low very high Built-in types: high
UDTs: n/a
n/a low
I18N/L10N (conversions) yes yes yes yes currently incomplete currently incomplete
I18N/L10N (ordering) no no yes no n/a yes
Portability ~100% (standard) ~100% (standard) high high medium currently; high possible medium currently; high possible
Modularity (dependencies) ~100% (standard) ~100% (standard) relies only on Boost relies only on Loki relies on STLSoft relies on STLSoft
Modularity (interoperability) high medium low high very high very high
Efficiency high medium low high very high very high

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