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fastformat_exception Class Reference
[The FastFormat Core Library]

#include <fastformat/exceptions.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for fastformat_exception:

bundle_exception format_parsing_exception mismatched_replacements_exception windows_resource_bundle::missing_resource_id_exception illformed_format_exception missing_argument_exception unreferenced_argument_exception

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Detailed Description

Root class for all FastFormat exception.

This class is abstract

Public Types

typedef std::runtime_error parent_class_type
 Member Types.
typedef fastformat_exception class_type
 This type.
typedef std::string multibyte_string_type
 The multibyte string type.
typedef std::basic_string
< ff_char_t
 The string type.

Public Member Functions

 fastformat_exception (char const *message)

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::runtime_error parent_class_type

typedef std::string multibyte_string_type

The multibyte string type.

typedef std::basic_string<ff_char_t> string_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fastformat_exception ( char const *  message  )  [inline, explicit]


Constructs an exception with the given message

message The message. May not be NULL

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