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mismatched_arguments_scope_base Class Reference

#include <fastformat/format/specification_defect_handling/mismatched_arguments_scope_base.hpp>

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ignore_missing_arguments_scope ignore_unreferenced_arguments_scope

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Detailed Description

Base class for scoping classes that customise the behaviour in response to mismatched arguments.

Public Types

 Member Types.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~mismatched_arguments_scope_base () throw ()
 Restores the thread/process mismatched handler to the function registered prior to the construction of this instance.

Protected Member Functions

 mismatched_arguments_scope_base (fastformat_mismatchedHandler_t handler, void *param)
int handle_default (void *, ff_replacement_code_t code, size_t numParameters, int parameterIndex, ff_string_slice_t *slice, void *reserved0, size_t reserved1, void *reserved2)

Protected Attributes

mismatched_handler_info_t m_previous
 Previous handler, for chaining.

Member Typedef Documentation

Member Types.

This type

Reimplemented in ignore_missing_arguments_scope, and ignore_unreferenced_arguments_scope.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mismatched_arguments_scope_base ( fastformat_mismatchedHandler_t  handler,
void *  param 
) [inline, explicit, protected]


Causes the thread/process mismatched handler to be set to a function that ignores the FF_REPLACEMENTCODE_UNREFERENCED_ARGUMENT code and passes all others to the previously-registered handler

virtual ~mismatched_arguments_scope_base (  )  throw () [inline, virtual]

Restores the thread/process mismatched handler to the function registered prior to the construction of this instance.

The system behaviour is undefined if the thread/process mismatch handler is modified during the lifetime of this instance

References fastformat::fastformat_setThreadMismatchedHandler(), ff_mismatched_handler_info_t::handler, mismatched_arguments_scope_base::m_previous, and ff_mismatched_handler_info_t::param.

Member Function Documentation

int handle_default ( void *  ,
ff_replacement_code_t  code,
size_t  numParameters,
int  parameterIndex,
ff_string_slice_t slice,
void *  reserved0,
size_t  reserved1,
void *  reserved2 
) [inline, protected]

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