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speech_sink Class Reference

#include <fastformat/sinks/speech.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Sink for translating a statement into speech.

This component currently is only available on Windows, because it uses the Microsoft Speech API (SAPI). If anyone cares to contribute implementations for Linux or Mac OS-X, that would be very welcome.

Public Types

typedef speech_sink class_type
 Member Types.
typedef stlsoft::ref_ptr
< ISpVoice > 
 The underlying voice type.

Public Member Functions

 speech_sink (int flags=0)
voice_type get () const
class_typewrite (int, size_t cchTotal, size_t numResults, ff_string_slice_t const *results)
 Shim Operations.

Member Typedef Documentation

Member Types.

This type

typedef stlsoft::ref_ptr<ISpVoice> voice_type

The underlying voice type.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

speech_sink ( int  flags = 0  )  [inline, explicit]


Constructs an instance

Member Function Documentation

voice_type get (  )  const [inline]


class_type& write ( int  ,
size_t  cchTotal,
size_t  numResults,
ff_string_slice_t const *  results 
) [inline]

Shim Operations.

Outputs the results

References fastformat::util::concat_slices().

Referenced by fastformat::sinks::fmt_slices().

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