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winini_bundle Class Reference

#include <fastformat/bundles/winini_bundle.hpp>

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Detailed Description

A resource bundle that reads Windows INI files.

Public Types

Member Types
typedef ff_char_t char_type
typedef std::basic_string
< char_type > 
typedef winini_bundle class_type

Public Member Functions

 winini_bundle (char_type const *source, char_type const *section)
template<typename S0, typename S1>
 winini_bundle (S0 const &source, S1 const &section)
 ~winini_bundle () throw ()
string_type operator[] (char_type const *name) const throw (std::out_of_range)
template<typename S>
string_type operator[] (S const &name) const throw (std::out_of_range)

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