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fastformat_initialiser Class Reference

#include <fastformat/internal/initialiser.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Schwarz Counter initialiser for the FastFormat library.

In "normal" use, this file is included by fastformat/fastformat.hpp, so that every C++ compilation unit that may potentially be issuing FastFormat calls contains, at file scope (well, actually in an anonymous namespace that is itself at file scoope) an instance of the initialiser. Since the FastFormat core is a reference-counted API (see Chapter 11 of Imperfect C++), this means that the first C++ compilation linked in initialises the core, and the remainder keep it initialised, until they are all "completed". In other words, just including fastformat/fastformat.hpp causes FastFormat to be initialised.

In non-"normal" cases, the inclusion is not made, and the initialisation is not performed. These cases are either when:

In either of these cases, you must explicitly initialise the FastFormat core (which initialises the front-end and back-end(s)) explicitly, using fastformat_init() and fastformat_uninit().

Public Types

Member Types
typedef fastformat_initialiser class_type

Public Member Functions

 fastformat_initialiser ()
 Initialises the FastFormat library.
 ~fastformat_initialiser ()
 Uninitialises the FastFormat library.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fastformat_initialiser (  )  [inline]

Initialises the FastFormat library.

Calls fastformat::fastformat_init(), calling exit(1) on failure

References fastformat::fastformat_init().

~fastformat_initialiser (  )  [inline]

Uninitialises the FastFormat library.

Calls fastformat::fastformat_uninit()

References fastformat::fastformat_uninit().

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